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How I Can Help

My Approach

There is often no specific way to resolve our challenges and work through our struggles. Those with ADHD all come with different sets of challenges and gifts. It is why I am an integrative therapist. My work centres on utilizing various education and training to promote change, shift perspectives, challenge assumptions, and develop skills to help clients strive to improve their situations. Our work together can assist you in overcoming challenges and developing adaptive, helpful strategies. 


We would work together on your treatment plan while considering insights from multiple modalities. I have completed courses and gained experience in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Motivational Interview. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Emotions Focused Therapy (EFT).


We will develop a course of action and treatment plan to guide the therapeutic process. Often our lives change, our goals change, and we will adjust organically to work on the most pressing concerns we agree to address together. 


Starting to investigate therapy is an act of self-compassion. It takes work to reach out and ask for help. It’s the first step to allowing yourself to work toward personal growth and development with another individual. In working together, you can shift from surviving your challenges to thriving despite them. 

This is the beginning of change for you.

What I Can Help With

We all struggle, and we ultimately arrive at a moment of choice. We face challenges we cannot overcome with our strength and will. We can either stay stuck or move towards doing what we can to change and improve our lives despite the challenges we are aware are impacting us.


I have provided therapeutic support for a variety of challenges, including:





Self-Compassion Substance Use

Coping Skills

Feeling Lost

Workplace Challenges

Relationship Issues

Identity Struggles



Managing Expectations (both ours and others)

Life Transitions


Personal Growth and Development

Stress Management

Stressful Life Experiences

Emotional Disturbances

Challenges of Daily Living


Changing Habits





First Responders


Clients sometimes come with one challenge to address or come with many that are intertwined, interconnected, and impacting each other. Working through each challenge alone can be daunting. Give yourself credit for getting here.

If you've come this far, why not give yourself the gift of therapy and the opportunity to improve your life?

Getting Started:

You’ve made it this far; if you are interested in connecting to explore the opportunity of working together, here are the steps to follow:


Step One: Make the connection! Let’s connect for 15-20 minutes and see if we are a good match to work together and if I have the skills to assist you. Given your challenges, we will discuss your need and what I can offer you. You can contact me via phone or email, set up a consult through the OWL portal below, and meet via video to discuss your current needs.


Step Two: Set up an OWL Practice Profile (Link to Portal Below)


Step Three: Once set up in OWL Practice, you can book your appointments in the time slots I have available.


Please reach out if there is a preferred date/time not currently available, and I can see if I can accommodate it. Those who are new to the service will be able to book a consult through the portal.


OWL Practice has an option to private message me, which is secure and aligns with Privacy Health and Information Protection ACT (PHIPA) guidelines. You can use this to send messages, and please do not expect always to receive a prompt response; I am not always online.


Note: You can send me a secure message requesting a consult via telephone or call me directly. 


Therapy is not a substitute for crisis services.


If you are in crisis now or in the future, don’t hesitate to contact crisis services in your area, go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911 for immediate assistance.  


Once registered and working together, OWL allows you to book and cancel appointments.


There are documents review and consent, including a Privacy Health and Information Act (PHIPA) Consent, Service Agreement and 24hr Cancellation policy when you register as a client. Other documents will be completed as needed.

Fees and Payment Structure

My standard fee for individual therapy sessions is $140 per 50 min session. We discuss fees before starting sessions and agree before commencing. 


Sliding Scale Fees:

We have limited spots for therapy services offered on a sliding scale for those facing economic adversity. Sliding Scale Fees are available on an as-needed basis. The fee will be re-evaluated after an agreed amount of sessions. Please email me to inquire about this if you are interested.


Please note that I cannot guarantee that a sliding-scale spot will be available.


Additional Documents: Any other documentation or reports completed outside our session will be invoiced at the hourly rate of services. Depending on the documentation, the amount of time to complete it varies. We can discuss the amount of time it may take before the preparation of the document or report.


Be aware that services provided by Registered Social Workers (RSWs)/ Therapists are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP). Some insurance plans cover them. 


Extended health benefit plans through your employer will cover some or all the cost of your service. Don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company and inquire whether counselling services provided by a Social Worker / Therapist (MSW RSW) are covered and your approved coverage rate.


I can direct bill insurance coverage billed through Greenshields and TelusEClaims, including Manulife, Canada Life, Desjardins, Greenshields, and many others. 


Fee payment options: Interact E-Transfer, Credit Card (Via Secure Portal), or direct billing insurance companies with which I am qualified to file claims.  


Note: You can use an issued receipt for each session for insurance or income tax purposes. 


When you file your income tax return, Counselling / Psychotherapy services provided by Registered Social Workers (RSW) are claimable as a medical expense tax deduction. Consult your accountant for more information. 

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