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Becoming Yourself Counselling 
Are you Seeking Guidance and Support?

Are you feeling stuck?

Is your mental well-being in the way of your progress toward your goals?

Take action to gain control of your mental well-being and bridge the gap between your current state and where you want to be.

Have you discovered your ADHD/neurodivergent identity later in life and are wondering how to navigate this new understanding?

Learn to embrace your identity, deepen self-understanding, and cultivate self-compassion with tailored therapeutic support.

Let's get started.


Overcoming Obstacles Together

"Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. "  

Robert Frost 

Are you feeling like an outsider in a complex world? Take the defining step towards self-empowerment with a therapist who gets it. Whether it's the journey of self-discovery, managing anxiety and depression, or embracing your neurodivergent identity, you're not alone.

Discover your path with personalized therapy that acknowledges your unique self. I'm here to guide you through the challenges of finding your place, developing resilience, and achieving what you're capable of. In a safe, accepting space, we'll explore and overcome the obstacles, embracing acceptance and change to move toward building the life you want.

With practical, evidence-based strategies tailored just for you, we'll collaborate to foster deep self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance. Ready to step into the unknown with courage and curiosity toward becoming the person you are meant to be?

"Human beings have an inbuilt propensity toward self-realization. If obstacles are removed, the individual will develop into a mature, fully realized adult, just as an acorn will develop into an oak tree."

Dr. Irvin Yalom in The Gift of Therapy

Ready to begin? Let's connect and start your journey of self-discovery and growth.


‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.’ C.G. Jung